Good Days & Bad Days! Stock Update, IWill Tip For The Week!

Good Days & Bad Days! Stock Update, IWill Tip For The Week!

Hello Again,

So hope you are all well, and are enjoying the weather?

I am writing this after spending a while, looking at this beautiful view (Wallingford, Oxfordshire)

I just wanted to give you all an update on the stock it has all arrived, and we are all ready to rock and roll it out to you. We have had some really fantastic reviews about it and we are so proud of the quality our printer keeps putting out for us, hopefully we will keep him busy for as long as possible.

The main bulk of this blog post is about bad days. So here is our story.

Last week our printer GC Printing in Gloucester (Aaron) had issues, his printer broke hence why our stock took a while to arrive, all the customers who ordered with us were so patient it was brilliant and we couldn't be more grateful to have them, but it made me think..... Yes occasionally I do think about things other than food, the gym, Rugby & Dogs.

But I realised it's ok to mess up and have a bad day we are so tightly strung that we almost have a mental breakdown when we mess up, its bad for our confidence & health I can imagine.

It's ok to Fu*k up everyone does, it's human and mechanical, things always go wrong we just have to fix it or learn from it. Even champions loose along the way i'm sure Chelsea F.C lost a few games this year but managed to Win the Premier League, from loosing or messing up as long as you learn and don't let it continue you will be fine. It's just like a bad gym session yes we all have them from professional Bodybuilders to the normal Tom, Dick & Harry, we just have to try to minimise them, or all our sessions will be bad and we will never progress.

So to sum this up.... Mess up, Learn / Fix it, don't let it mess with your mind set and continue to win, improve and get better.


IWill Apparel Tip for the week:

Search DM Fitness on Facebook and tune in to their page every Thursday night for an awesome Topic that is relevant to most people about Training, Nutrition Or Life.

Stay Strong, Stay Happy, & Be You!






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