How To Stay Motivated? Are You Struggling To Get Back On Track? Nutrition Or Training

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How To Stay Motivated? Are You Struggling To Get Back On Track? Nutrition Or Training

It's so difficult when you go through a rough patch to stay on top of your goals,

But when you flip, the situation round, its so easy to stay on track when everything is going well... right?

Sooo here is our 2 pence on staying motivated I think, you really need to look at the problem that is causing you to be off track... maybe all it requires is for you to rank how serious this problem is.

For example a bad day of food might knock you off track for a day or so but see the benefits out of a negative, a bad day of food will

1) Make you feel human, allowing you to eat without being restrictive.

2) Allow you to smash cravings that have been niggling you in the back of you head.

3) Replenish your nutrition stores i.e. sugars, glycogen.


This situation can be transferred to anything whether its training, revision for an exam, food like we said. whatever its is, flip the situation, think how serious it is... ( Has anyone died, or got ill, do you still live in a house with your family around?? if thats the case, its very serious and there are people out there that can help)

But usually the issue is very small and we blow it up making it seem like the most horrific problem ever.



A few days will not damage your life, and really drill the reason you started.


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