Lets Get Deep.

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Lets Get Deep.

So its been a crazy 12 months for IWA, we went from having two of us to now 1, then went from wannabe youtube motivators to now being a Solely Fitness & Lifestyle Clothing company, dedicated to motivating you through our clothing and our motive!

I don’t really know what I’m out here trying to achieve by making this blog, I just like to keep you all in the know of whats happening.

Personally me taking on this challenge of starting a clothing company has damaged a few of my relationships, I have been selfish, and focussed on it. But this is only because I’m dreaming of bigger things for you guys, IWA, myself and my family.

I love a challenge and this is why I have not backed down from it, I have learnt so much, and lost a fair bit too, but its the experience.. I have made some great friends through this, and realised who is important in my life and who has my back!

I never thought in a million years that I would have more customers that I have never met, over customers who I know, but I guess thats what happens when you start marketing.

But I knew from the start, when I first made that sale, first designed that Tee, the logo, or that video that I was going to be starting something that would take a while, it would never be an over night success and you know what I love it, I love IWA, I love how much I have grown. But what I love the most is how I have created a mini Community of motivated, happy people and allowed them to come together, and for me to meet great people.

I am so grateful for this opportunity, and so humbled by the amazing customers & Friends IWA has.

Thank you.

I was told from a young age that its the ones who help you up, will be the ones who watch you fall if you forget them.

My feet are staying firmly on the ground, and if anything, I’m working harder, longer and loving it more and more everyday.

We are not going anywhere.


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