Life's Challenges PT III

Life's Challenges PT III

Life's challenges.

I'm sure we have all faced challenges and problems in our every day lives, some massive and others not so big.

I'm a lucky guy, I have only had to deal with little hurdles compared to other people who have had to deal with some huge obstacles.

It's not fair for me to say problems are meant to test us all, because I have only had to deal with mini problems, mini issues and some so small they barely take two minutes to sort out.

But I try to humble myself every time I do face an issue, and try to shrug it off. Because yes, my car may breakdown, I might even pass out when I have blood taken and wee myself, or even have to be tight with my money at the end of the month.
But..... I'm so lucky in the fact I can walk, talk, wipe my own backside, cook dinner, and enjoy life to the max.
This is why I stay away from drugs, smoking and most other nasties of life, because by doing this we are wasting our lives when there is someone who would kill just to walk.

Take your mini challenges you face everyday, laugh them off if you can, smile and over come them, but remember life could be so much worse.

I love this quote by Mike Tyson
"Be humble in life, or life will visit humble upon you."

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  • Anna

    Great post. Many of us (sometimes I’m guilty myself) focus too much on things like career or small issuses that like you said can be solved quickly and forget about being grateful for things that can’t be taken for granted.

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