New Launch, New Me?

New Launch, New Me?

New launch, New Me?

So after the pre order and then being printed the new collections have now launched and as always GC Printing have done another fantastic job.
I can't explain how good it is when you can have a really simple & easy comms, with a supplier.

This new launch of clothing isn't just a new start, with a new logo, it's a new push, at reaching areas and people who don't have an understanding what IWA means and stands for!

It all started 15 years ago in late May, my stepdad (Karl my hero) had been riding his Ducati 748 around Gloucestershire, when a gent pulled out of a lay by without seeing him, knocking him off his bike, leaving him sliding 100 yards on his helmet after pinging off the windscreen.
After flat lining 5/6 times, not remembering who my mum was & and being in Frenchay hospital's intensive care unit for a month alongside being left with life lasting injuries.
He never gave in, never quit and most importantly never gave up on himself!
Always pushing himself to work harder everyday and never stop, to keep his IWill do that one day and IWill complete this another day Mentality in full swing.

This is what gave me the idea of a brand you can wear so you can never lose focus or sight of your goals and keep you motivated.

I love this man, and he is the most inspiring man I have ever met, everyday hustling, and never letting his head drop.

So keep the IWill Mentality, Never Surrender, Never Quit & Never Lose faith in yourself!


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