The Journey Begins! Who We Are?

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The Journey Begins! Who We Are?

Hey Guys & Gals,

Hope you are all well? So the IWill journey begins here. The Stock Is on it's way and is soon to land.

Many people don't understand what we are about so let me try to put it into words.

IWill is a self statement or an agreement / Promise you make with yourself, about a dream, goal or target you have. We all have them, some have more than others, and some only have 1. But the badge represents your goal, it represents that burning desire to achieve it through any means possible to show everyone that doubted you and to prove to yourself you can do it!

I have been told many times in my life I can't and won't achieve some things, and before I would probably roll over and agree with them, This is where it changed.

My Step Dad is my Hero and role model, he had a serious motorbike accident about 16 years ago, left him flat lining multiple times, and through hearing about how his body was close to giving up over and over again it showed me the sheer strength of his soul that he wasn't ready to go, and all credit to the doctors and medical team they didn't let him go either. So when I think about giving up over stupid little shitty things, I think back to that time, and realise if he couldn't give up then I can't.

Each T'Shirt has a little bit of his spirit in them to help you on your journey so you remember when you see that badge you are reminded that you are very capable of reaching anything you want to reach! BE SOMEBODY was something he told me in the hospital when I saw him after the accident, and this is why I have them on the reverse of the Tees.

The clothing we want to provide to you is stuff that can be used In & Out of the gym, so all day you can be surrounded by your motivation, and wear your motivation too!

Also I want this brand to be about you! The wearer I want to know what your goals and dreams are and I want to be able to check how you are getting along I want IWill to be a family, or group of head strong people all hungry to get their own personal goals, and to help each other as much as possible, I want to rid the world of negativity and negative thoughts and people, so we must banish them from our minds and lifestyles.

I am so excited to speak to you all and hear about your dreams and goals!

All The Positivity I Posses

Neal Broadbent

Always Moving Forward!



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