When they're against you! PTIIII

When they're against you! PTIIII

When they're against you.

In life so many times I have had people doubt me, judge me, knock me, it took a while for me to shake it. But then I grew this NFG barrier (No Fucks Given)  many don't have this ability, and shy away from trying things.

You need to go at these with a full head of steam. What happens if you fail? People will be like I told you so.... and what? Learn from what happened and do it again. Because there is nothing in life that drives me more, then showing this douches they are wrong and watching their faces drop.

Hence why IWA will work because so many doubted the idea, the thought or even that I held the ability to pull off something like this.

All we wanted to do was create a something that binds driven and motivated people together, and on the days you aren't feeling great IWA will pick you up!

So this is more of a two finger salute to these doubters, negativity enforcers and general plebs.


Let them doubt, but it will be so worth it to see their jealous faces fall, and then they will try to make out they never doubted you.


"I've got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined

I check it once, then I check it twice, oh!"

Yes I did just use Taylor Swift as a quote


Keep your hustle, keep your grind.

Fuck the haters, show them it's your time.


Keep your head up.



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