When Times Get Hard..

When Times Get Hard..

As I am very sure you have heard about the horrific events in Latimer Road this week.

I want to start with a full heart of sorrow, for the poor families involved and what they have lost.

The day after the event I delivered the whole of the IWill Apparel stock, to a beautiful Church in Addison Avenue, in North Kensington.

Why did I do this? 

I did this as I am very sure if there was a time I needed help someone would help me, and people have in the form of knowledge, money, food, shelter.

As people had lost everything, all they had was what they were wearing, so a few new Tee's and Vests may make a few people comfortable.

We come against tough obstacles everyday in different forms, but these are minuscule, compared to life, we need to make sure we don't take our lives for granted, and live!

So lets leave this on positive note all I ask you to do from this is think...

1) what do you want from your life?

2) what do you want to achieve in the next year?

3) Are you happy? If not how can you change that?

1) I want to leave a legacy of happiness and opportunities for people to succeed with me, I want to build a brand that becomes MASSIVE, I want to one day offer a University degree to some people who cant afford it.

2) I want a new job and for IWill Apparel to have grown and to maybe think about running it as a full time job, as well as putting out 6 more different clothing releases.

3) Yes I am, very happy but there is plenty I need to work on.


Stay happy, help people, keep healthy & have a great weekend.


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